Deviously Delicious Chocolates

Affiliate Franchise Agreement.

These are the terms and conditions for joining our Affiliate Franchise Program. The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, but we will try to notify you of such changes in advance

1. Applying for our Program

You are applying for our Affiliate Franchise Program right now. We reserve the right to decline or remove enrolment from our programme at our discretion. As soon as your application is accepted, you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions. There is no fee to join our Affiliate Programme

2. Affiliate Franchise Commissions

As an affiliate, you will be given a 25% commission on orders under £250.00 and 30% commission on orders of £251.00.  You will receive a commission every Saturday and if you have a team you will earn 5% commission on a monthly basis which will be paid on the last Friday of the month.

*Delivery charges do not qualify towards commission. 

3. Inactivity

Affiliate Franchisee accounts will be reviewed and possibly terminated if there is a prolonged period of inactivity.

4. Rules

4.1 Affiliates are not allowed to be involved with another chocolate company                as this causes a conflict of interest.  If found, you are working with another            chocolate company your partnership with us will be terminated.

4.2 Spamming is against company policy and if caught you will be given a                    warning or terminated depending on the severity of the incident.

4.3 Selling our products for a higher or lower price Is against company policy              unless authorised by us.

5. Disclosures

When posting or sharing your link, you should make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they buy a product via you. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous (and reiterated as needed).

6. Terminations

We can end this relationship at any time, and so can you. This affiliate franchise agreement has been designed to ensure the highest quality relationship between us. Hopefully, we have demonstrated our obligations for you to become a highly prosperous Affiliate Franchisee

7. Teams

Please note to unlock your team's commissions you need to have an order(s) totalling £20 before you can unlock the commission.

 To join us please email us and we will send you the affiliate link to sign up with.